Palm Oil Scanner

Don´t you want to spy the composition of products written by miniature lettering? Download our Palm Oil Scanner FREE mobile app on Google Play or the App Store. Then just scan the barcode of the product and immediately you know what you are buying and if it will affect the rainforests 

About Application

Interesting facts


The application was launched in December 2017. Within a month after its launch in the Czech Republic, it had 6000 downloads and 3000 newly announced products from users' suggestions. The food product database has currently 15000 items.


The application Palm Oil Scanner was created in collaboration with great people from NGO Laudato Si and the Coalition against the Palm Oil. It was programmed by the company Endlesspeak.


1.2.2018 - at the Day without palm oil - we launched upgrade of the application which we enriched with the "CLAIM" button. Like this the customer can express their dissatisfaction with the product containing the palm oil directly through our application. You can also write to the producer directly from the store.


Practically immediately after launch the application, the organizations abroad also started to be interested in it. Currently we are preparing a campaign to get the application extension to the Netherlands and Poland.

Why is the palm oil a threat?

Palm oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil in Europe. We can find it in almost 50% of packaged products. Intensive palm oil cultivation is associated with the deforestation of tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, contributing to the destruction of the local populations, plants and animals.