Small Steps To Protect Nature

Palm Oil Scanner

Mobile application detects palm oil in each food

Don´t you want to spy the composition of products written by miniature lettering? Download our Palm Oil Scanner FREE mobile app on Google Play or the App Store. Then just scan the barcode of the product and immediately you know what you are buying and if it will affect the rainforests.


Pray for our Earth

From the encyclical Laudato Si

The Greatest Lord, present in all the universe and in the least of his creatures, You, who encompass all that exists in your tenderness, send upon us the power of your love to care for life and beauty.

Flood us with peace to live as brothers and sisters and do not harm anyone.

Father of the poor ones, help us redeem those who are abandoned and forgotten on this earth, and who are so precious in your eyes. Heal our lives to protect the world and not let it down to sow beauty, not pollution and destruction.

Touch the hearts of those who seek only the benefits to the detriment of the poor ones and this land. Teach us to discover the value of every thing, contemplate with astonishment, to know that we are deeply connected to all our creatures on our way to your infinite light.

Thanks for being with us all the days. Please, support us in our struggle for justice, love and peace.