Complain to the producer

How to send a complaint through application

Contains Palm Oil

If the product contains palm oil, the image will appear on the screen below. After the sentence: "Do you want to send a complaint to the manufacturer?", click on "Complaint" button. The display will show the e-mail form as shown in the picture on the right. If the sentence about the complaint will not appear, it is because the application does not have an e-mail contact to manufacturer yet. Thank you for your understanding, we will soon add it.

Just add your e-mail

The text and subject of the message in the e-mail form is redefined (you can find the entire text under the pictures). Practically just fill in your e-mail and confirm with OK button. To scan products again, return with the arrow on the top left or you will be automatically redirected.

Thank you. Your complaints create pressure on manufacturers to step away from using palm oil. It's not useless, 400 complaints are sent over the application every month!

Complaint to the manufacturer

je v aplikaci předdefinován

Dear producer/seller,

I just did not buy one of your products because it contains palm oil. Using this controversial raw material is very irresponsible, and manufacturers' excuses on how to defend their economic interests are inexcusable.

Before answering by some of the standardized answers, take a look at the suggestions you should consider:

1. Greater palm yield is relative. Generally, time continuity is not normally included in the yield calculation, i.e., not taking into account the fertility of the palm, which begins after 5th-7th. year after planting or that productivity drops after the 15th year of planting. The soil after the completion of the palm cycle is devastated, which marks the fertility of the next generation of palms. Deforestation of the rainforest, the richest ecosystem of our planet, leads to an incomparably greater loss of biodiversity than is the case for oil produced in temperate countries.

2. RSPO allows large-scale use of pesticides and industrial fertilizers. This, in turn, destroys not only soil and watercourses, but also sea and coral reefs. 

3. In the case of a break of the RSPO certification principles, the company may be paid out in the form of compensation instead of the certificate lost. This leads to unauthorized behavior, which relies on the fact that the violation will not occur, and when it does, the compensation is paid.

4. RSPO certification is demanding and expensive, that it can be afforded mainly by big concerns. Small farmers can not afford certification, not even if they cultivate palm oil in accordance with sustainable development rules. The certification system is therefore suited only suited to the size of the great ruthless players.

5. With palm business, local people are not necessarily living better (employment and living conditions). Before the arrival of the plantations, the local peasants nurtured rice, manioc, batatas, vegetables, legumes and fruits. Oil palm brings more profits than these crops, but requires less labor, so it allows only some of the peasants to employ. In addition, their redeemed land ceases to produce food. They have to be imported, their prices are growing, and thus the living costs of these unemployed peasants also grow. What do they say about it? Read the direct testimony or watch the Green Desert document.

Our aim is not to disapprove RSPO certification. We also regard it as a promising way to reconcile the relationship between business and nature, but not under the current conditions. Palm oil, supplied by corporations associated in the RSPO, does not yet meet the principles and criteria of ecologically responsible production. Many manufacturers say they can not change production for variable reasons. I believe there are specific products for which the substitute for locally grown oil is very demanding, but it is not like this for most products. For example, Emco company has gone into a complete change to non-palm production.

Please reconsider your actions and stop using this controversial raw material before anything is left to rescue.

Thank you.